You want to a Kindness Book and want to support our kickstarter campaign but you have no credit card to use on the platform. Here’s a solution for you.

We looked into how other campaigns solve this shortcoming and found 2 popular solutions.

Please note: The best way is still pledging through Kickstarter directly with your credit card and we in no way are affiliated or endorse Paypal and Revolut.

Please read all the steps before proceeding.

🌐 Solution #1: Paypal

  1. Go to this link
  2. Type the amount you would in Kickstarter. (For example you want the €30 buy a book / donate a book reward, you then type €30 in the page.)
  3. In the payment notes please add a way for us to contact you. It can be your email, your twitter handle, facebook (?), instagram (?), a contact form on your website, etc. This is very important. We have no way to contact you about your reward if you leave this out.
  4. Hit Send Money

And you’re done!

Please do note that if you pledge through Paypal, you won’t be able to cancel your pledge once it’s processed.

💳 Solution #2: Revolut

  1. Download the Revolut app here
  2. Create an account
  3. Top up your account with the amount you wish to pledge. (For example you want the €30 buy a book / donate a book reward, you then type €30 in the page.)
  4. Create a virtual credit card
  5. Pledge in our Kickstarter Campaign using the virtual credit card

And you’re done!

👋 And that’s it!

We hope one of these solutions works for you and if it did, on behalf of the whole team, thank you. You are what makes The Kindness Book possible.

P.S. Have another solution that worked for you or there’s something wrong in one of these solutions? Let us know by contacting us through The Kindness Movement.