Stuart Acker Holt is a British born director, producer and the founder of CRUMB.FILM based in Amsterdam.  It was through his passion for music that he discovered film. Specifically, his first synthesiser aged 11, a Yamaha SY77 spurred his interest in the relationship between creativity, technology and story-telling.

Stuart was that kid who was always asked to play the piano in school assembly, providing the music to enhance the meaning of whatever was being performed beside him. After going on to graduate with a Masters in Music from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Stuart went on to lecture in Film Music at Chichester University. During his time there he created the ‘Expressing Computers’ lecture series with film-makers and composers presenting live audio visual work. This opened the doors to inspiring partnerships and creative collaborations in photography and film. For instance with the British composers Ilan Eshkeri (Stardust) and Chad Hobson (Leaving Never Land) who would go on to provide the original score for Stuart’s film I HEART USA.  It was also during this period that he met BAFTA lifetime award-winning director Roger Graef who featured in Stuart’s first documentary.

In 2008 stuart released Most Interesting Person; a ‘self generative’ story where each subject nominated the next in an ongoing trail of connected interviews. The project took him around the world creating over 200 episodes of the world’s ‘most interesting’ people. This premiered at The Balhaus Ost, Berlin attracting 1,000 visitors over 24 hours. This format was later adapted for commissions by by Philips (12 episode campaign), the Van Gogh Museum and Ableton. Most Interesting Person was also turned into ‘The Kindness Book’.  A film and exhibit of The Kindness Book will tour Europe in 2019/2020 kicking off in The Houses of Parliament, in London.

Other story-telling formats include the ‘I HEART….’ series. I HEART USA documented the 2016 US presidential election, which was screened at the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC and The House of St. Barnabas in Soho, London. The story of Stuart’s father’s escape from NAZI occupied Vienna in HEART EUROPE, remains unfinished as his father died during the process.  As a second generation survivor, Stuart’s interest in history features regularly and motivated him to write his first book, ‘The Short 6ft Tall Man’.

Most recently Stuart wrote and directed Welcome To The Future (commissioned by ID&T) about a group of strangers from different walks of life who come together to share a serendipitous moment of connection on the dance floor.

His latest film, currently in post production is the mid length documentary, For The Record. This is about how the influence of technology influences the way humanity defines itself.  Fittingly, this brings Stuart’s interest in creativity, technology and story-telling full circle.