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Testing out the new Suit

Testing out the new Suit

I’m an English guy living in Amsterdam. I run the CRUMB.FILM production company. This is my personal zenith in bringing together my experiences being a film-maker and photographer.  You can find out about some of the work I do in the portfolio section. Occasionally I post ramblings in the blog section.

This is just one of several great ideas I had for a website

There’s a difference between one’s speciality and talent.  My talent is helping people feel comfortable in front of camera lenses. But not because of the lens. I just like hanging out with strangers. My speciality is producing commercials, documentaries and corporate films.  I’m proud that after a long long time trying, this pays my bills.

I’ve interviewed some bloody marvellous characters in the fifteen years I’ve been doing this. I feel genuinely humbled each time someone opens up and lets me in. I don’t mean to be disingenuous – face to face human connection, particularly with strangers is a great pleasure and teaches me the most in life.

I’ve worked for lots of different kinds of brands and clients. They are people too, but sometimes not human and sometimes it can get very sticky. Without exception I really liked all the people that asked me to work for them in the last year.

I’m not immune from distraction. Along the way I also wrote the book the Six Foot Tall Man and gave a TED talk on one of my film projects; The Most Interesting Person. This was about an idea I had on a road trip, where each person takes you to the next interviewee. It is the reason I called my production company CRUMB; each a part of a greater whole. Something tasty. A trail of breadcrumbs.

My introduction to visual art was through music. I studied music at Newcastle University and began photographing musicians while studying through a series of events I produced called Expressing Computers.

From London, now I live in Amsterdam. My studio is round the corner from my house.

It’s nice out today. I’m about to go and play with Charlie and Levi.